Children Massaging Children programme is a group version of the Kids Love Massage programme and has been used in kindergartens since 2003. The programme has received awards and has been subject of many research projects.

Community Award for Excellence

Children massaging In 2004 our programme was the proud recipient of a Community Award for Excellence as recognition of an outstanding way of improving children's wellbeing in the community and as an innovative programme teaching Hauora holistic wellbeing at school
CMC introduces benefits for children and teachers.

  • Relieve stress
  • Create happy and healthy school atmosphere
  • Eliminate physical aggression
  • Build awareness of feeling and needs of others
  • articularly beneficial to special needs children e.g. blind and autistic

Subject of Master Degree thesis

Children massaging In 2006 Katarzyna Kelm-Leka, a student of Acadeamy of Special Education had her practice at 'No 45 Integration' Kindergarten in Warsaw. This kindergarten has been using Children Massaging Children programme since 2003 and Katarzyna has noticed how much children enjoyed this activity. Knowing the benefits of sensory stimulation for proper brain development, Katarzyna decided to write her Masters Degree thesis on this topic